No Double Yellow Line

by Cindy Foote

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No Double Yellow Line is a 7 song EP inspired by Cindy and Billy Foote's three international adoption journeys. Each song is a window into their family story of adoption. Some will move your heart to tears. Others will move your heart to action. There's no double yellow line on the road to orphan care and adoption. You can cross over at any time.


released June 1, 2011

Ready: Words: Cindy Foote
Music: Cindy Foote, Jon Meyer, Ryan Gregg
©2011 Centricity Music Publishing/Billy Foote
Songs/Simple Tense Songs & Inthecity
Songs/Jonny Rocket Pub/ASCAP. (Adm by:
Centricity Music Pub. and Simpleville Music, Inc.)

Bring Our Children Home:
Words and Music: Cindy Foote
©2010 Centricity Music Publishing/Billy Foote

No Double Yellow Line:
Words: Cindy Foote
Music: Cindy Foote, Ryan Gregg
©2011 Centricity Music Publishing/Billy Foote
Songs/Simple Tense Songs & Inthecity
Songs/ASCAP. (Adm by: Centricity Music Pub. and
Simpleville Music, Inc.)

Your Little Girl:
Words and Music: Cindy Foote
©2010 Centricity Music Publishing/Billy Foote

Words and Music: Cindy Foote
©2010 Centricity Music Publishing/Billy Foote

Stranger Among Us:
Words: Cindy Foote
Music: Cindy Foote, Jon Meyer
©2010 Centricity Music Publishing/Billy Foote
Songs/Jonny Rocket Pub/ASCAP

Grace Will Grow:
Words: Cindy Foote
Music: Cindy Foote, Jon Meyer
©2010 Centricity Music Publishing/Billy Foote
Songs/Jonny Rocket Pub/ASCAP

Produced and Recorded by: Jon Meyer of Paper Walls Studio in Richardson, TX:

Graphic Design by: Travis Lawrence:

Mastered at Bernie Becker Mastering by Dale Becker.

Joel Cameron - drums and percussion
Scott Lee - bass
Ryan Gregg - electrics (Geography, Ready, Stranger Among Us)
Kendall Combes - electric (Double Yellow Line, Bring Our Children Home)
Sara Donaldson - cello
Milo Deering - violin, steel, mandolin
Piano - Adrian Disch
Travis Lawrence - harmonica, banjo
Billy Foote - acoustic guitar (Your Little Girl, Grace Will Grow)
Jourdan Burks - bgv's
Jon Webb - B3 organ (Double Yellow Line, Bring Our Children Home)
Jon Meyer - acoustic guitar, bgv's, electrics, bells
Cindy Foote - vocals

(c) 2011 Billy Foote Music, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


all rights reserved



Cindy Foote San Antonio, Texas

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Track Name: Ready
Verse 1:
Love came to visit but it couldn't stay
Hope gave a kiss and then it flew away
If only jumping rope could spring her high
To a solid rainbow she'd climb up to my cloud nine

She is ready for love
Ready for hope to take away the miles
Ready to run into forever arms
Why, oh why can't I
Tap my red ruby slippers and fly her home tonight

Verse 2:
It takes more than a lemon drop to melt the ache
More than skies of blue to clear the way
All she wants is home and family
Bluebirds have a nest to call their own now why can't she

Go on and close your eyes and shout it out three times
There is no place like home
Track Name: Bring Our Children Home
Verse 1:
From sun's rising to its setting
Orphans call upon your name
Crying Abba, Saying Father
We trust you to make a way
For us, for love

Bring our children home
Bring our children home
We sing Abba, Father you are able
To bring our children home

Verse 2:
In the morning through the evening
Families pray and praise your name
Asking Abba to be Father
Rescuing the one's he's claimed
For us to love

When we cannot see you moving
When it seems the dark has won
May you find us still believing
That you want this more than us
You will finish what you started
And your plans for us are good
Help us cling to what you promised
You are faithful, you are sure to
(back to chorus)
Track Name: No Double Yellow Line
Verse 1:
There's an old familiar way to get there
Relatively safe and sure
Positively blessed and sacred
It is straight to the point and good
But the same way isn't always calling
And certainty may not reply
The path ahead still ever sacred
But so many of the turns are blind

Though its a mountain to be climbed
There's no double yellow line
You can cross at any time
Tell your fears to step aside
Let love control the ride
If you dare

Verse 2:
There'll be questions raised with good intentions
Obstacles around each bend
Perhaps the worst collision coming
Is the battle of your doubts within
And though rocky is the road less traveled
Courage comes with great reward
Joy will come as fears are shattered
Love will overtake the course

Open your eyes to the signs of the Savior's calling
Leading you by his words of light
To the edge of the orphan's night
Cross over anytime

Final Chorus:
There's no double yellow line
Do you hear the children cry
One hundred sixty million lives
Its time now to decide
Will you dare?
Track Name: Your Little Girl
Verse 1:
I have a message to send across the sea
To a woman I will never meet
The baby girl left wrapped beneath the stars
She wears your eyes
She's won my heart

Verse 2:
I have a song to sing over your thoughts
For I know you wonder from afar
About the girl who couldn't with you stay
She shares your smile
She lights my day

If you could see what I see
Here on the other side of the world
You would see the grace of God
In the face of your little girl

Verse 3:
She has a prayer she speaks over your soul
Asking Jesus to go and make you whole
She prays knowing He hears and has a plan
She has your voice
She holds my hand


Love set free my Liberty
Your sorrow not in vain
May joy abound
May love astound you all your days

Verse 4:
She has a future that we do not yet know
She may get married have children of her own'
This love story will never know an end
This message out
To you I send
Track Name: Geography
Verse 1:
That's where you are from
The coastal city of Xu Wen
Newspaper's been telling me
The day of sweet discovery
A miracle on Second Hong Qi Road

Geography never mattered much to me
Til gravity changed my course
Now I'm studying the land and seas
With my children from all around the world
In San Antonio

Verse 2:
That's where you are from
The very heart of Africa
Biography's been telling me
The story of a baby
Prophetically born in Hosanna town


Verse 3:
That's where you are now
An island in Atlantic Sea
Tragedy's been happening
But better days are coming
For you at 17 Laboule Road
You're coming home

Geography's been telling me tonight
Distance is ready to lose the fight
Track Name: Stranger Among Us
Leaving behind everything she knew
Now all alone with a strange new view
Remembering war and the dust of her land
No one here knows the reason she ran

She's a stranger among us
She is torn between the old and new
While her past was unbearable
It was familiar to her
She's a stranger among us
And she's longing to be seen and heard
While this land makes its promises
Hope's still foreign to her

The hustle and bustle of American stride
Busily passes the woman who's eyes
Are hidden behind the colorful scarf
If only we'd stop and see to her heart

She has nerves of steel
And heart of gold
But only Jesus can save her soul
Could we be so bold
Or have our hearts grown cold
'Cause she lives in our city
And she's waiting on hope
Track Name: Grace Will Grow
Verse and Chorus 1:
A tiny little baby
Eyes deep as the ocean
Gazed at us from a world away
Oh how compelling
The picture so telling of her woes

So we took her in, we took her in
To our hearts, to our home
And Grace did grow
Grace did show
How our love can change one girl

V and C 2:
A butterfly of beauty
Humming in the morning
Gift from God just a room away
Oh Jesus tell her
How much you love her as your own

And she'll take you in, Take you in
To her heart, To her soul
And Grace will grow
Grace will show
How your love, It overflows

V and C 3:
She was not the only
Hungry little baby
Millions more all around the globe
Wait for the living
Water to come filling empty souls

So take them in, Take them in
Into your hearts, Into your homes
And grace will grow
Grace will show
How to love and change the world.